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Do the Discovery and Delivery Solutions Solve OPAC Usability Problems?

Those of you who have been following my thoughts for a long time know that one of my pet peeves is the current state of the library OPAC. While we have seen some improvements since I started blogging in 2009, we are still light years behind what we could have.

Libraries (sic) goal should be to make library system front end intuitive, easy to use and even more – attractive to patrons, and make them to come back to library discovery and delivery solution with pleasure instead of using different sources not connected with libraries….

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Data as a Web

This is a very interesting article about data. Approaching data as a graph will help make solutions findable.

The biggest conceptual problem learners seem to have is with what we call graph thinking. What I mean by graph thinking is the ability to think about data as a graph, a web, a network. We talk about it in the training material in terms of graphs, and start by explaining what a graph is (and that it’s not a chart!).

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from What People Find Hard About Linked Data, Rob Styles’ blog.


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