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Why Twitter doesn’t care what your real name is


The real-name requirement must be based on something other than just wanting to have an online community in which people are free to share information, because Twitter has shown that doing this doesn’t require real names…

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Amid all the noise and fury over Google’s (s goog) policy of requiring real names (or at least real-sounding names) on its new Google+ network — a policy that Facebook also has, and one we have been critical of in the past — it’s easy to forget that there’s a pretty large web service that doesn’t much care what your real name is. Although it does prevent you from pretending to be people you aren’t, Twitter doesn’t block or ban users for having pseudonyms the way Google and Facebook do. Why is that? I think it’s because Twitter realizes it can provide plenty of value for users (and thus for advertisers) without having to know your real name. The social web is about reputation and influence, not necessarily names.

I started thinking about this again, not just because the real-name issue continues to draw heat from Google+ users — and…

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