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I would LOVE to sit in on “FRBR” for the terrified (not that I am terrified, but I love the name of the seminar).

Originally posted on Thing blogging:

Tomorrow I am going to London for a very full day of RDA and FRBR. In the morning, it is the informal RDA discussion for RLUK libraries which I’ve organised with Helen Williams. I cannot say how much I’m looking forward to it – born from a little casual remark on Twitter (as are all the best things I find). I’m hoping it will be a really useful opportunity to talk to other people thinking about RDA implementation in RLUK libraries, talk about what we’re planning, what we’re worrying about, what we’ve yet to decide. I’ve been doing a huge amount of preparation for RDA training/implementation since I returned from ALA so it will be great to chat to other people and see how my ideas and plans fit in with those of other people.

In the afternoon (must remember to have lunch in between), Helen and I are giving…

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The Necessity of Authority Work

The aim of authority work is to select the form that subject headings, titles, and names will take as headings for bibliographic records and to choose the references needed to support those forms. Since the headings function as access points, making sure that they are distinct and not in conflict with existing entries is important. ( 

In order to be “frbr-ized,” a catalog’s access points need to be standardized as well…

FRBR in a Nutshell

Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records—or FRBR—is not Marc, nor is FRBR changing Marc. RDA is the FRBR inspired code that adds the aspects of work, expression, and manifestation to the Marc record.

I found this Tweet recently, and thought it should be reiterated:

@dorevabelfiore Doreva Belfiore
#FRBR is a model, not a code. #RDA is the cataloging code that defines attributes to record.

~ Doreva Belfiore


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