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Why Trump?

Since the election there has been a lot of blame going around about who is to blame for the election of Donald Trump. I have one answer for that.

I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and their mouthpiece (what we used to call journalists).

When Trump announced his candidacy, most people (including me) thought it was a publicity stunt. I actually still believe that. To him it was only a presidential campaign reality show to boost his brand. But meanwhile, back at the DNC, this happened:



The media proceeded to follow Trump around, treating him like a serious candidate, giving him free publicity, instead of focusing on the other Republican and Democrat candidates and the issues.

The DNC continued to collude with the media, in particular CNN:


During the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders was addressing the issues that the Democratic core constituency wanted to talk about – jobs, corruption, etc. The DNC rigged the primary election so that there was no way Bernie Sanders could win (incidentally, the blue states that Trump turned red, Bernie Sanders won in the primary).

Post convention, the condescending tone used by the HRC and her campaign towards the working men and women who should have been their constituency, guaranteed that their votes (and states) would turn red.

The media continued its role as mouthpiece of the DNC, even manipulating the polls (the same polls that denied third party candidates from participating in the debates).

Third party supporters were attacked during the campaign, by the campaign and even the current administration. I know several potential third party voters who were influenced by these tactics – to vote Trump.

As the returns came in I was watching CBS and suddenly they felt it was critical to point out that the DOW Jones futures were dropping (which recovered the next day) – no doubt to manipulate and scare people, particularly those on the west coast who hadn’t voted.

The Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the colluding media are responsible for the fact that we have a president-elect Trump, and that all hell is breaking loose in our cities. Cronyism and corruption…

What a different day we would be having with a President Sanders or President Paul.

Trump didn’t win because of racism; that only got him, generously, 20% of the vote. Trump won by — like Bernie — offering everyday people an alternative to the utterly failed policies of neoliberalism.

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