RDA, Cataloging, and OPAC Displays

The problem with the OPAC is not the bibliographic metadata. In this digital information environment, good cataloging is more important than ever, authority work in particular. It is the software that we are using that is the problem. Library software for search and display is light years behind the rest of the world.

In general, librarians understand metadata. It is the rare librarian who understands software, and its potential.

One of my favorite Twitter librarians, Aaron Tay from the National University of Singapore (@aarontay), pointed me in the direction of this article….

“…Disentangling bibliographic data from UI engineering is one of the greatest promises of the linked-data movement for libraries. The sooner that concept gets across… well, the better discussions we’ll have about rda, bibframe, and linked data.” … Read More

via Gavia Libraria (the library loon)

The “Library Loon” takes the discussion of software further – from search to the user interface. Nothing loony about that!

One response to “RDA, Cataloging, and OPAC Displays

  1. Aaron Tay (@aarontay) March 3, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Thanks Susan.

    It was our earlier discussion over twitter and reading your blog posts, that I finally grasped this concept, which allowed me to recognize a similar idea expressed there.

    I also enjoy reading your blog, but sadly I only grasp dimly a lot of concepts like FRBR, RDA, linked data, ontology etc..that you , Lukas Koster etc are discussing but I am trying to remedy this.

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