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2 responses to “Catch the Vision of the 21st Century OPAC

  1. Aaron July 8, 2011 at 9:21 am

    It seems google has advantage over opacs in these areas

    1) different type of metadata

    E.g social signals (tweeted, shared links, inbound links etc) , user data (location, desktop or mobile) and more leading to more sopshicated search algothriml

    2) searches full text rather than just surrograte metadata

    #1 isnt impossible for libary resources for example for articles there is citation data, some libraries or library wide system like librarything for libraries or bibcommons have usage data to provide recommender systems etc

    If you could only have 1 of the 2 which would you prefer?

    I would take full text + fairly standard tf-idf techniques.

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